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Goal of creation

   Web-portal on Public Procurement was created to ensure openness and transparency of the public procurement process and improve the efficiency of its conduct.
   Information-analytical system "Public procurement", which includes the web-portal, was put into operation in 2008. Active exploitation of the system began in 2010.
Today more than 24,000 customers, 183.5 thousand user’s workstations and 302 workstations of  supervisory authorities  are registered on the web-portal.
Information on nearly half a million of procurement procedures was published on the web-portal, the database of the web-portal contains more than 10000000 documents.
   The main users of the web-portal are:
customers - within the meaning of the Law of Ukraine "On public procurement", for whom the web-portal provides functions of disclosure of information on purchases;
potential bidders, who receive access to the information on purchases by means of registration in the system;
regulatory authorities that supervise, control and coordinate the sphere of procurement.
The web-portal contains the following information:
all information on public procurement in Ukraine since 2008;
information on purchases conducted by state-owned enterprises, and which are included in the Commercial Code of Ukraine;
regulations in the sphere of public procurement;
decisions of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.
In addition to the basic search interfaces and presentation of information, the web-portal has more convenient and advanced versions: customers’ interfaces: "The cabinet of the customer" and "The cabinet of the customer with a digital signature";
Interface - The information-analytical system "service for searching and tracking"

Data protection
The complex system of protection of information on the web-portal for public procurement complies with the requirements of normative documents on technical protection of information.

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Contacts: State company «Zovnishtorgvydav Ukrainy»,
Address: 22 Vorovskogo St., 01601 Kyiv, Ukraine, tel. +38 (044) 281-42-87