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Державне підприємство «Зовнішторгвидав України»

Інформаційний бюлетень «Вісник державних закупівель»

Міжнародне видання «Announcer of the Public Purchasing»

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State Enterprise «Zovnishtorgvydav Ukrayiny»
22 Bulvarno-Kudriavska St., 01601 Kyiv


Editorial office of information bulletin «Public Procurement Bulletin»
tel.: (044) 281-42-82

Editorial office of International Edition «Announcerofthepublicpurchasing»
tel.: (044) 281-42-60

Reception of information for publication on the web-portal
of Authorized agency:
via the Internet
regarding publication of announcements in Ukrainian
tel.: (044) 281-42-87 (multi-channel);

regarding publication in English
tel.: (044) 281-42-61;

regarding publication of related documents
tel.: (044) 281-42-70 (multi-channel);

regarding registration on the web-portal
tel.: (044) 281-42-71 (initial registration),
tel./fax.: (044) 281-42-73 (operates automatically);

regarding obtaining access to«Customer’s office», «Customer’s office with digital signature»

tel.: (044) 281-42-86 (multi-channel)


Technical support of web-portal
tel.: (044) 281-42-72

Amendments before publication
tel./fax: (044) 281-42-83 (operates automatically).

Amendments after publication:
Departmentfor customer’ supportin the sphere ofpublicprocurement(hereinafter- Department) corrects mistakes (makesamendments/replacement) in the information after publication on the web-portal and provides paid consultations on the above-mentioned issues exclusivelyon the grounds ofthe originals of writtenrequests from the customers* (who don’t havedebts) on a paid basis (according to the orders «Onthe cost of services»).
* The order of correction of mistakes (amendments/replacement) after publication of information on the web-portal of the Authorized agency is conducted according to the regulatory-administrative documents of the enterprise:
  Order of work with the web-portal of the Authorized agency “Public procurement”
Afterpayment of bills for services, please, callattel.: (044) 281-42-80.
Servicesareprovidedafterpayment of bills, drawn upby the Department*.

regarding obtaining of bills and acts for services provision:
tel./fax: (044) 281-42-50, (044) 281-42-64,
tel.: (044) 281-42-53;

regarding debts and check ofmutual settlements state:
tel.:(044) 281-42-97;

regarding obtaining of tax invoices:
tel./fax: (044) 281-42-57, e-mail:

Department for ordering extracts from the register:
./fax: (044) 486-58-01, tel.: (044) 281-42-68

 Department for obtaining
Information Bulletin«Public Procurement Bulletin»,
International Edition «Announcer of the public purchasing»
tel./fax: (044) 281-42-79

Training Center:
(044) 281-42-55, (044) 221-12-97, tel./fax: (044) 281-42-54

Consulting center
address: 22 Vorovskoho St., 01601 Kyiv, 3rd floor, office 40



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Contacts: State company «Zovnishtorgvydav Ukrainy»,
Address: 22 Vorovskogo St., 01601 Kyiv, Ukraine, tel. +38 (044) 281-42-87